Film production

Film & TV, reportage and commercials

Television and film production nowadays don’t get by without a highly efficient and simple to fly camera UAV. To the modern production standards belong the Canon EOS5D MKIII, the RED scarlet-X and the RED EPIC DRAGON. On request there are also integrations for other camera options possible. The advantages of the use of professional camera UAV’s are the highly stable images, short set-up time, unlimited prospects as well as the considerably lower costs compared with other techniques. The interaction of the Helicam and the 2- and 3- axe-stable brushless gimbal (e.g. Movi M5 removable) leads to an outstanding image stability.

Application Film


Photogrammetry, orthophotos and 3D-models

With our unique UAV measurement technique and our Surveying-Robot all-in-one solution it is possible to make high-resolution digital terrain models (DTM), close range photogrammetry, accurate 3D-models, volume calculations as well as orthophotos with 1mm ground resolution and 6 mm measurement accuracy fast, simple and with just a fraction of the normal costs. By using precise volume calculations you can achieve a maximum of control opportunities for assigned performances. Complete the tachymeter with our new MULTIROTOR G4 measurement UAV.

Application Surveying

Industrial services

High-tension power lines and solar plants

From the project planning and the laying of the foundation stone up to the finished object together with the following inspection, technical maintenance and services our flying platforms offer a variety of professional tools for the industrial assignment. It is possible to lay the pre-rope for the construction or maintenance of high-tension power lines or cableways. Furthermore the inspections of bearing structures like bridges, solar plants (thermography) and wind power plants during standard operations are easily achievable with our octocopter at a reasonable price. In the sector of facility management the damage to property can be recognised easily by visual check and appropriate actions can be arranged.

Application Industry