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MULTIROTOR is a pioneer in the UAV market. Long before unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were commonly known and recognized, by public as well as industry, MULTIROTOR has developed the first micro-multicopter for future-oriented B2B applications in 2008.

MULTIROTOR has been the pioneer of the leading technology trends over the last years. Our company can present the biggest experience and customer base in the market of professional multicopter drones for commercial application. We embrace our leading role in technology and as the market leader. Multirotor is conscious of its role as the world market leader and its great influence on the branch.

» No reported crashes since the introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology «

Hundredfold proven and reliable against technical failure

The fast growing company produces series of individual flight drones as end-to-end solutions for an increasing number of astonishing applications. The production and assembly work of all key components, such as hard- and software, are 'made in Germany' and of the highest quality. We are producing systems which even meet the security standards oriented towards the ones of civil aviation. Our products can be operated easily and intuitively. The wind stability is unique. The high scalability enables an almost unlimited range of applications and operations.

Each G4 MULTIROTOR drone is delivered with the newest software and is registered online individually on our customers' names, so that it is easy to receive software updates easily and quickly. All registered customers are informed about software updates automatically and hence, always fly with the newest software release. In 2014, the newly developed, fourth generation of the flight control G4 was awarded with the 'ARTIE innovation award for extraordinary, innovative solutions'.

ARTIE Innovation Award

» The company is particularly innovative due to its superior product characteristics and the technological leadership that it has achieved «

Jury of the ARTIE Innovation Award 2014



Surveying with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Precision Farming with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Surveillance with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Film and TV productions with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Logistics with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Technical maintenance and inspection with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Thermography with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Reconnaissance with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Live Broadcasting with MULTIROTOR UAV systems

Current news

MULTIROTOR FamilyHighlights of the MULTIROTOR G4 Multicopters

A quick overview of the current MULTIROTOR G4 product familiy and some of its features. You also get some impressions of our products in action.

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Dron-a-ThonMULTIROTOR service-drone won second place with the series model G4 Surveying-Robot at the world's first drone Marathon

Pilot Frank Schönbohm flew the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot equipped with standard batteries with gusts around 45 km/h over 30 laps and a distance of 42 kilometers to the finishing line. [...]

More on the Marathon


DLRG droneMULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue in daily use for people search by the DLRG Haffkrug-Scharbeutz e.V. (German lifeguards) in Scharbeutz (Baltic Sea)

Since August 2016, the world's first drone is in daily use in rescue missions. The MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue drone is stationed at the country's largest DLRG base in Scharbeutz.

The MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue is mainly used for missions, in which a person in the water is missing in unclear position. These scenarios always bind a large number of troops with search chains and many boats.

More on the search and rescue drone


Brochure UAVMULTIROTOR UAV for surveying, reconnaissance, agriculture and logistics

Find out in the current brochure how MULTIROTOR UAV can support you in the areas surveying, reconnaissance, agriculture and logistics. MULTIROTOR offers complete “ready-to-fly” systems, including user training, maintenance and service. We deliver efficient, professional solutions so you can concentrate on your core competences.

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Brochure Geo-CopterMULTIROTOR Geo-Copter

Find out in the new brochure how the Surveying Robot facilitates your daily surveying work. The precise acquisition of complex projects with classical surveying sensors (Tachymeter and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) requires a great amount of points. Besides the enormous amount of time for the recording of the points, the employees are often exposed to great risks which can only be minimized to a calculable degree by expensive safeguarding. With the use of the Surveying Robot the time and costs requirements for the measurement of many projects can be reduced considerably.

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Trade fair dates

Trade fair appearances 2017


01-02 March
Enforce Tac Nürnberg
International trade fair for command, control and operational equipment used by security agencies
Booth # 10.1-517



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Training MULTIROTOR 19–20 June
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Training MULTIROTOR 24–25 July
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Training MULTIROTOR 21–22 August
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Training MULTIROTOR 18–19 September
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Training MULTIROTOR 23–24 October
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