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Berlin, 5 November 2015

Santa Capital and Berlin Technologie Holding join Multirotor

The technology and growth investor consortium consisting of Santa and BTH, acquires stake in Multirotor and will become a financially strong partner in developing the business side in the future. The new shareholders of Multirotor have already made several investments in the technology sector in the past.

Multirotor is the global market leader in the field of professional, unmanned, remote-controlled micro drones in the fields of film, industry and surveying . Multirotor serves customers such as Trimble, the German Armed Forces, police, ZDF, Acciona, etc.[...]

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Berlin, September 2015


MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Systems are again the most popular products at this year‘s trade fair and stir intense attention with the Trimble® ZX5 flight robot. GmbH is the global market leader in the field of professional, unmanned, remote-controlled micro drones in the areas of film production flights, industry and surveying. At this years international geodesy tradefair INTERGEO 2015 from 15 to 17 September in Stuttgart, MULTIROTOR presented a number of newly developed MULTIROTOR G4 surveying helicopters.

Among them is the trade fair highlight Trimble® ZX5, which was developed exclusively for Trimble® at service-drone.deGmbH and which stands out from the multitude of helicopter systems being offered by now.No other MULTIROTOR flight system has been sold more times in series. It convinces for its comparable flight stability inunfavourable weather, its simple handling and operating safety. Since introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology,which won the ARTIE Innovation Award last year, crashes for technical failure of the flight control have been a thing ofthe past. [...]

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ATLANTA, May 5, 2015:

Trimble Partners with Industry Leading Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System Manufacturer

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it is partnering with leading unmanned aircraft system (UAS) manufacturer MULTIROTOR service-drone, GmbH. The collaboration will allow Trimble to expand its existing UAS portfolio to provide its customers with additional solutions to choose from based on their aerial imaging project needs.

The announcement was made at AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2015 Conference and Exhibition, the largest international event in the unmanned systems and robotics market.

MULTIROTOR service-drone, based in Germany, is a leading manufacturer of multirotor systems known for innovation and technology leadership. Trimble will be MULTIROTOR service-drone's exclusive provider of multirotor vehicles for aerial mapping use in surveying, construction, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, and utilities. The combination of MULTIROTOR service-drone's stable and reliable platforms with Trimble's industry-leading sensor technology and workflow efficiencies will provide customers with best-in-class solutions for aerial data capture.

Unmanned multirotor systems are powerful solutions for visually documenting smaller areas, vertical structures or environments where holding position is important. High-resolution imagery, orthophotos, terrain models and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) map deliverables created from multirotor data provide valuable information for the survey, engineering and agriculture industries that Trimble serves.

"We are very excited to partner with MULTIROTOR service-drone. At Trimble we're always looking for ways to meet our customer's needs and enable them to solve the complex problems they encounter every day," said Todd Steiner, product marketing director in Trimble's Geospatial Division. "The collaboration will enable our customers to use a technology rapidly growing in popularity due to its flexibility and productivity." [...]

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San Francisco – April 29, 2015:

Service-Drone Flying Smart with VirtualAirBoss™

MULTIROTOR Service-drone, a European market leader in the field of professional unmanned aerial systems (UAS), announced an agreement with SmartC2 Inc., to distribute the VirtualAirBoss™ business operations software along with Service-drone’s portfolio of UAS models.

“Service-drone vehicles together with the VirtualAirBoss is a winning combination,” according to Stephan Feldhoff, board member and VP International Operations, for Service-drone. “Service-drone technology provides the vehicle and the flight controls, and VirtualAirBoss software provides the asset scheduling, data management, and reporting before and after they fly. We believe that our customers will appreciate a comprehensive and elegant software to manage their business operations.”

“There is good reason they are a leading drone manufacturer. Service-drone products are widely known for their reliability, unmatched flight stability, and easy maneuverability,” according to Stuart Rudolph, President of SmartC2. Aircrafts of MULTIROTOR Service-drone can securely carry payloads from 1 to 20 pounds (500g to 10 KG) and are capable to operate at heavy weather conditions with winds up to 5 bft (15 m/s) that would keep other drones on the ground.

According to Service-drone managing director, Oliver Knittel, “commercial and government users are using our drones on a daily basis to help them with their business, solve their problems and – last but not least - generate revenue. We believe that integrating the VirtualAirBoss to help customers also manage their business operations will add significant value to our vehicle and flight control product offerings. We believe that VirtualAirBoss will also provide us with a competitive advantage.

Whether our customers are using drones for measurement, inspection, surveillance, filming or other commercial purposes, these operations generate a large volume of data that must be managed properly to result in profitable missions. Service-drone believes that its user-base will quickly adopt the VirtualAirBoss software to manage their flight and payload data effectively.”

“This agreement with Service-drones and VirtualAirBoss is evidence that the UAS industry is maturing. Here’s a leading drone manufacturer offering a business tool that will help its customers schedule assets, manage data, simplify reporting, and monetize their drone operations,” says Stuart Rudolph, President of SmartC2.

“It’s appropriate that we announce this agreement at the 2015 Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo,” says Phillip von Meyenburg, distributor of Service-drone in the Asia Pacific market, “because it is an event focused on small UAS business, the same topic as our agreement.” [...]

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Boulder, Colorado – April 15, 2015:

FAA awards Section 333 Exemptions for commercial operations for service-drone Eagle V2 and Skycrane

Hawk Aerial, LLC and Unmanned Systems, Inc. have been granted exemptions from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct commercial operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) on the basis of MULTIROTOR service-drone Eagle V2 and Skycrane, respectively.

“We are thrilled to now see our industrial-grade, mission-proven UAS deployed in the United States after years of successful commercial operations in Europe without any reported crashes since the introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology,” says Bernd Lutz, CEO of bizUAS Corp, the North and South American distributor for service-drone.  “Hawk Aerial is looking forward to offer complete aerial data acquisition and processing services for infrastructure and asset inspection, photogrammetry, and agriculture,” says Kevin Gould, founder of Hawk Aerial, while Don Bintz, CEO of Unmanned Systems, Inc. “can’t wait to use the service-drone platform of robust, heavy-lift octo-copters in demanding cinematic film applications.” [...]

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Berlin, March 2015

service-drone presents the MULTIROTOR G4 Recon One

Best market entry into the defence and security industry after a very successful exhibition appearance on this year’s ENFORCE TAC in Nürnberg

service-drone is one of the European market leader in the section of unmanned remote controlled micro-drones for photo-flight and survey industries. On this year’s international trade fair for police and military equipment ENFORCE TAC 2015 on 4 and 5 March, the hi-tech company from Berlin presented his products for the defense and security industry for the first time.

The newest MULTIROTOR product is called “Recon one” and is the logical development from many years of UAV-construction and typical customer requirements. The main targets were a low noise emission and a terrific flight time from up to 90 minutes depending on loading and deployment concept. This is possible due to the latest drive dimensioning. Unusual is the outstandingly stable flight position of the MULTIROTOR Recon one that is not yet known from other comparable products with slowly turning rotors. Crucial is the unique and award-winning MULTIROTOR flight control of the 4. generation that can correct the flight position 512 times per second. Due to this, flight missions are possible even in bad weather conditions. The handling is very simple and safe. As camera sensors, individual high performance RGB-zoom cameras and infrared or thermal imaging detector are possible.

Besides the Recon One the already proven flight systems MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle and the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot were also shown to the very interested trade audience. "The great interest on the part of the special forces of police and army proved us right that the executive forces have a high demand for modern, intelligent, small and economically priced reconnaissance and investigation devices", assured general manager Oliver Knittel.

The small and easily manoeuvrable UAV’s can reach indeed so far unreached terrain and can provide valuable information about e.g. a crime scene or serious road accident or can help to end hostage-taking as safe as possible. [...]

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Berlin, January 2015

Service-drone touches down in Italy

MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle receives first flight acceptance of the Italian aeronautical authority ENAC for commercial operations.

Service-drone, one of the European market leader in the field of unmanned remote controlled micro drone flight systems (UAV), lands with its prizewinning MULTIROTOR G4 flight system in Italy: Al-to Drones, the official licensed partner for Italy, has received the flight acceptance for the first two drones for “non-critical” missions.

The two MULTIROTR G4 Eagle of the start-up company from South Tirol were certified by the Italian aeronautical authority ENAC at the end of December 2014. Beside demonstration flights they will be used for measurement, video inspections and film shootings. Therefor the copter of the GmbH are authorized officially for air traffic in one more European country. Decisive for the relative fast acceptance was the redundant construction of important components, the premium-quality processing as well as the extraordinary calm and precise flight characteristics. Maybe the special look of the drones has acted a part in the design-loving Italy, too.

Next to the acceptance for the commercial drone flight in Austria, for which the MULTIROTOR flight systems already received the acceptance for all categories at the beginning of 2014, since 2014 the flight acceptance in Italy is just under strict requirements and a long audit process of the Italian aeronautical authority ENAC possible. Till now just very few UAV-producer received the desired acceptance.

The developers attached great importance to a maximum of computing power and the use of the latest components. The result is a self-flying flight system that can be flown through the air very stable and safe and can even be operated by beginners without flight experience. The flight control adjusts the position and height 512 times per second fully automated, which makes flights even in bad weather conditions till 5-6 wind forces possible. [...]

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Berlin November 2014

MULTIROTOR wins the ARTIE-innovation award 2014 GmbH prevails as the winner of the ARTIE-innovation award 2014 against 22 nominated companies and convinced the jury with outstanding innovation and development performances of the MULTIROTOR flight-control for model helicopters for measurement, film, agricultural and industrial use.

The purpose of the working committee ARTIE is to lay the foundation for innovation and to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. Ten rural districts as well as four cities are affiliated in the regional network for technology, innovation and development in the Elbe-Weser-region.

For the first time the ARTIE- region offers an innovation award. Among the nominated companies was also the GmbH, which is based in Buchholz in der Nordheide with the production of the innovative flight systems. The company produces easy and safe to handle UAV’s with four to eight rotors for film, industry, measurement and agricultural application.

‘The company is especially innovative because of its outstanding product attributes and the attained technology leadership’, constitutes the jury its decision to declare the GmbH as the winner of the ARTIE-innovation award 2014.

The awards show took place in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. The district administrator emphasized: "We consistently realize, that the small owner managed companies are real think tanks concerning ambitious product development, new services and inventions."

The developers attached great importance to a maximum of computing power and the use of the latest components. The result is a self-flying flight system that can be flown through the air very stable and safe and can even be operated by beginners without flight experience. The flight control adjusts the position and height 512 times per second fully automated, which makes flights even in bad weather conditions till 5-6 wind forces possible.

Besides delivering very stable pictures for film and TV productions the MULTIROTOR is also able to fly fully automated measurement flights with a high precision that has never been considered possible for a fraction of the normal expenses. Even the professional world is astonished that digital terrain models with a ground resolution of 1mm can be created with aerial data. The optical measurement process is not new but offers a never achieved quality and photo-realistic display that opens up new ways for e.g. engineers and architects for simulation models. [...]

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Berlin October 2014

Successful premiere of the new Surveying-Robot from service-drone at the INTERGEO 2014 in Berlin

The surveying industry agrees: The german microcopter producer service-drone from Berlin landed a widely acclaimed coup with the new practical 5 kilo class MULTIROTOR Generation 4 surveying-copter.

On time with the INTERGEO 2014 the market leader for film drones in the German speaking area MULTIROTOR by serivce-drone presented the new MULTOROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot for the creation of orthophotos and 3D terrain models with outstanding success.

The new MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot is not just a benefit for modern surveyor as an innovative measuring instrument, but especially convinces with an outstanding technology that has just won the ARTIE Innovationprice 2014. The G4 Surveying-Robot enables a hardly conceivable measurement result of 1 mm ground resolution and equally unique flight stability at wind strength till 10-15 meter per second. By MULTIROTOR in Germany produced hard- and software, that navigates the flight-robot to an exact position in the air 512 times per second, makes it possible.

Accordingly great was the interest of the audience at the stand of service-drone, at the daily flight presentations in the summer garden of Berlin’s exhibition area and at the stand of the tradition-steeped measuring instrument trader GOECKE GmbH & Co KG from Schwelm, who spontaneously decides to register as a new service-drone dealer shortly before the start of the exhibition.

The double-digit balance of the sales at the exhibition overtops all expectations and self-set goals. Besides GOECKE partnerships with international authorized dealers in Asia, Great Britain, Southafrica and Austria were entered. With special expectations service-drone looks at the cooperation with the producer of measuring instruments HORIZON in Singapur, who shortly won a million-deal for a delivery of 500 measuring instruments to Myanmar (Burma). We are in dialouge with further cooperation partner. Managing Partner Oliver Knittel is pleased: „Once more we saw at the INTERGEO 2014 that the quality made in Germany can assert itself against great trademarks. We see our success at the exhibition as a template for a strong year-end business.“

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Berlin September 2014

MULTIROTOR receives operating licence for all classes A, B, C and D in Austria

Now it is official: The Austrian aviation authority austro control grants MULTIROTOR the operating licence for all classes.

The validation of the strict requirements of the operating safety for unmanned aeronautical vehicles that apply since the beginning of the year in Austria took seven months. In this time it had to be proven that all MULTIROTOR devices of the 4th generation are fully redundant and provide a multiple of operating safety and reliability.

Depending on the take-off weight and the settlement density of the overflown area, the approval for the commercial UAV flight is graded in categories. While category A allows the flight over undeveloped or uninhabited areas with fewer restrictions, there are much more severe requirements needed for work over inhabited areas that are similar to the restrictions in manned aviation.

With the MULTIROTOR 4th generation you will not only acquire one of the world’s best, most stable and most safe flight systems but also a flight unit that can be immediately licensed for operating in Austria “out of the box”!

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