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Defective cells on solar panels, so-called hotspots, can only be detected from outside using a thermal imaging camera. Both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems are difficult to access because you ideally need a perpendicular view of the slanting solar cells.

Find hotspots simply, reliably and quickly

The MULTIROTOR G4 drones with a thermal imaging camera offers an effective solution as it is very easy to position the thermal imaging camera at the right distance and angle, particularly using the new MULTIROTOR flight control. Your drone will automatically position itself at the right angle and the correct height and will fly completely automatically and quickly, i.e. you don’t have to worry about flying the drone or setting up the camera. You can distinguish damaged solar cells conveniently and immediately by glancing at the monitor. No other technology is this quick and accurate. It’s even possible to organise an automatic flight on a pre-set course using the service-drone Way Point navigation tool. An useful addition provides our new iPad Multicontrol..

» Make sure you test your solar panels for defective cells «

before the manufacturer’s guarantee expires!

The perfect combination

With the optris PI LightWeight IR camera service-drone offers a small, reasonably-priced thermal imaging camera that is tried and tested in practical situations as option on the MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 Eagle. Regular workshops take place where you can also learn the basic physics involved, how to handle the camera and the flying knowledge you need, particularly in solar parks.

Optris PI LightWeight IR camera

The newly developed optris PI LightWeight is a market innovation which allows for radiometric recording of video imagery from the air. The combination of a miniatur lightweight PC and a light version of the optris PI thermal imager weighs only 380 g. The PI LightWeight is therefore ideally suited for maintenance work and quality inspections of solar and wind power systems and also for thermographic surveys of buildings.

You can find more information at the manufacturer: Optris GmbH

Now compile the MULTIROTOR 4.8 G4 EagleConfigure UAV

Other areas of application:

Buildings and industrial facilities are often difficult to access. A flying thermal imaging camera is the best way to show up where valuable energy is being lost. The analysis software that comes with it produces a meaningful report from your thermal images in the blink of an eye. Reports for insurance purposes are also becoming increasingly important.

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