» The 4th Generation MULTIROTOR redefines the multicopter flying «

Made in Germany - Innovative technology for innovative applications in industry, media and surveying


Photogrammetry and Mapping

Our aerial photographs facilitate industrial inspection and measurement. You plan the control points using GPS coordinates and mapping the selected area. This results in high-precision 3D models and orthophotos. We simplify the Geo-mapping, complement the tachymeter by the new MULTIROTOR G4 UAV.


Film production

Film & TV, reportage, docu

In situations where conventional aircraft for safety reasons are not operational, our video UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) will be used. Because it produces no emissions or noise, it is suitable for filming in sensitive areas such as nature reserves. The UAV transmits during the entire photo-flight live images in the best HD quality.



Visualize energy losses

For the technical maintenance of solar systems thermal imaging cameras are particularly instructive. On the photographs wear marks and hotspots are highly visible . For this purpose, it is advisable to rent a MULTIROTOR UAV or buying a Oktokopter, so that is available for your inspections all times.



Securing a crime scene

We provide high-resolution aerial photographs of field of activity in search and rescue service of all SAR organizations, as well as effective documentation of accidents. Presented the vision is inadequate to control them from the ground, they also fly autonomously with GPS waypoint navigation. In this way, you can also make aerial photographs in inaccessible areas.